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For those that are in management and have a management team in which you work together to improve your organization, what do your meetings look like? Are your meetings structured where you come in, give orders and your team files out and does what they are instructed? Do you encourage discussion on decisions? Do you encourage alternating point of views? Which is better?(Please, if you are not in a manager role, save your comments for a different post. I want to learn from those with real-world examples) ... See MoreSee Less
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5 days ago

Sam Hughes for Elmbrook
Hello Friends,As we enter election season, we have a duty as citizens of this community to make wise and prudent decisions on whom we should elect to be the best representative for our School Board. We should not vote for who we like the most or who is the best speaker or has "experience", but we MUST vote for who we believe will be the best representative of our children, the parents and all other community members. I feel obligated to share my perspectives and observations of all four candidates. I will in the coming days. I will remain impartial and whoever is elected (or re-elected), I PROMISE to respect and work with them in a professional manner and pursue decisions that best serve the children and community to which I serve. Many or all posts will not have comments turned on. Debates can take place on other forums. Feel free to un-follow me if you do not care of my opinion. No offense will be taken. 🙂I love our community and I truly want what is best. You ALWAYS have the ability to contact me directly. I have always responded to legitimate questions and/or concerns. As you may have observed at the board meetings, I am not afraid to share my perspective and I humbly accept when others disagree and I continue to be respectful of their individuality. ... See MoreSee Less
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Thanks for all your support and encouragement from you and the emails you sent! I can't tell you how much it means to me the support and kindness I receive from the community!You guys are awesome!!Truly, Sam ... See MoreSee Less
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Each year, teachers get a one year contract offer to stay in the district. How long of a contract term should administrators be offered? ... See MoreSee Less
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"The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior." Author uncertainLook at the choice of words - best predictor. When I look at casting my vote, I ask "Who worked (or will work) the hardest to uphold the constitution and preserve our rights and freedoms? I don't ask, who is a Democrat or Republican, who is the best public speaker, who is nice/mean, or who has the most experience.Just simple, WHO will honor and preserve the Constitution to the fullest. So, I will ask:Who voted to take away my personal freedoms? Who voted to restrict our children's education? Who voted to enforce "unscientific" mandates on our children?Who voted to harm children "for the greater good"?With that answered, the decision becomes crystal clear. ... See MoreSee Less
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Hello Friends,I was recently criticized by someone for being "too honest". I was told I needed to not admit my mistakes because I am embarrassing myself!Sorry, this just isn't who I am. I can't stand political games and that is probably why I became a business owner. I only answer to GOD. I am direct.I live with Integrity.I don't need the approval of others and I am free to make the decisions I believe are the best for my family and my community. What type of School Board Member would you prefer to represent you? Someone who is honest OR someone who pretends to be something they are not? ... See MoreSee Less
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Meet Sam Hughes

On Monday, February 13, 2023, Friends of Fairview South hosted the 2023 Candidate Forum. Friends of Fairview South is an Elmbrook School District parent community and teacher organization.

All candidates were invited to participate in the public forum where each candidate had the opportunity to respond to nine questions prepared by the Friends of Fairview South organization.

The topics asked of the candidates included their position on Parental Rights, Educational Materials, Special Education, Academics, Fiscal Responsibility, Accountability, Community, and Boarding Meetings.

Learn more about Sam and his position on these critical topics.

As Your Next Elmbrook At-Large School Board Member

As your next Elmbrook At-Large School Board Member, I will work for greater Trust, Truth, and Transparency from our school district’s administrators, for you, our community stakeholders. They work for YOU – and I will, too.

As your Elected Representative, I will work tirelessly to make the business of the school district and the school board more simple to understand, easier to attend and observe, and more accountable to you, our district’s primary stakeholders. Your private wealth, in the form of tax revenue, provides the majority (nearly $75 million) of our district’s annual funding of over $125 million (projected for 2022-23).**

I believe that our exceptional community deserves:

  • Better Student Academic Outcomes
  • Renewed Focus on Core Subjects: Literacy, Math, and Science
  • Truly Personalized Special Education Services
  • Greater Respect for Parent Values and Rights 
  • Smaller Classes and Lower Student / Teacher Ratios
  • More Opportunities for Vocational Trades

I bring 18 years of successful business experience, building trust through strong relationships, delivering on promises, stewarding complex budgets, and managing financial strategies. I am skilled at developing practical solutions to a variety of problems, and I am always fully accountable to my clients and stakeholders.  With your vote on April 4th, I will put my skills, experience, and values to work for you as your next Elmbrook School Board Member, beginning in April 2023. 

Student TRiangle Support

Parents are the primary educators, working with the student and the teacher.

Reading writing and arithmetic

Primary Education should be focused on Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.

Improving Grades

Focus on education by removing obstacles to learning.  Improve student to teacher ratios with smaller class sizes.

Special needs

The most vulnerable children need to be protected and given their right to a free and appropriate education.

** “The preliminary revenue budget for 2022-23 increases projected revenues by $4,696,651 which reflects a 3.87% increase when compared to the 2021-22 adjusted budget. The majority of the revenue budget is funded from the local property tax payers. Other large funding sources are open enrollment and state funding for equalization aids.” (From page 11 of the District’s 2022-23 Preliminary Budget presented to the Board of Education on June 14, 2022.)

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