Reasons to Vote for Me

student triangle support

Parents are the primary educators, working with the student and the teacher.

reading, writing, and arithmetic

Primary Education should be focused on Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.

improving grades

Focus on education by removing obstacles to learning. Improve student to teacher ratios with smaller class sizes.

special needs

The most vulnerable children need to be protected and given their right to a free and appropriate education.

Topics I Will Focus On

  • I will push to keep primary school focused on “the three R’s”: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.
  • I am passionate about education and know that only through a strong Liberal-Arts Education system can we maintain our freedom as a country.
  • Our district needs to improve the failing grades we have seen over the past couple of years. We can do better!
  • Improve the teacher to student ratio and eliminate unnecessary staff positions. Observe how other schools do more with less – We have a lot to learn!
  • Stronger focus on the trades for students less interested in post-secondary education.
  • Special needs children need options. Total inclusion does not work for every child. My daughter’s education was dramatically hindered in this one-size-fits-all approach. I will fight to let parents decide what is best for their children and help the district provide those options.
  • Staying fiscally responsible is important for the next generation. My background in running multiple businesses will bring to the board a strong-problem solver with pragmatic solutions.

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